$4,000 DRAG RACE: NISSAN GTR vs Mitsubishi EVO! Bets Are Placed – Tension Has Rose!

Check out this $4,000 DRAG RACE: NISSAN GTR vs Mitsubishi EVO!!!

Although street racing is illegal, you have to admit that there is something special in racing on the highway! This showdown between the Nissan GTR and the Mitsubishi EVO is incredible! For this reason we decided to share the video so you can see the magic with your own eyes!

In an era when time is money, you have got to be fast! In this case, the faster car takes the pot! This video shows us a race between two Japanese automobiles! So let`s see who has what it takes! At the beginning of the video, we have a nice intro of the city where this race takes place and how the guys are preparing for the race. Then, we can see of the test runs these cars performed before they get to the point. We can also see this race from several different angles, which we appreciate. So, who won?

The magic of dual clutch technology…

As for the race itself, like we mentioned before, it is incredible. After the test pass of the Nissan GTR, the focus shifted to the drag race. The prize for the winner was $4,000, so we can safely presume that both drivers were motivated! Both cars got to the starting point, they waited for the signal. As soon as the signal was given, both cars took off! The Mitsubishi EVO had a better start, so it quickly took the lead. However, you should never underestimate the power of the Nissan GTR! After its weak start, it quickly accelerated and caught up to the EVO! This is where things got weird! We will leave it to you to watch this amazing Nissan GTR vs Mitsubishi EVO race to see what happened!

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Enjoy the video below!

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