It`s another day and another chance to see a magnificent race! Gearheads all around the world arrange these amazing races, drags, burnouts – and we are here to deliver them for you! We have seen all kinds of CRAZY RACES, fast cars, great mods and exciting finishes! This time, we are going to prolong that tradition as we ring you these TITANS – both hard machines, powerful engines delivering more than 1000 horsepower per vehicle! Here are the introductions for this MITSUBISHI Vs Corvette race!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, the one and only 1000 HP MITSUBISHI EVO! Pumped up, ready to go and eager to cross the finish line! However, the path will not be easy. In the other corner, we have a decent opponent – C5 CORVETTE 1300 HP! Slightly stronger regarding the horsepower but if we have learnt anything, that is not to judge cars by their HP!

Just like every 1320 video, you will get the chance to see interviews with the drivers, take a closer look under the hood and hear all the details! You know what`s next after that – SHOW TIME BABY! We are not going to blurt out the winner, so check out the video below and enjoy the MITSUBISHI Vs Corvette POWER!

If you want to see the clash between the Tesla Model S and Corvette C7 Stingray, follow this link!