This 4 Year Old & Daddy Singing Is The Cutest Karaoke Ever!

The social media is a place where people simply flood it with brand new ideas, DIY hacks or funny and interesting videos, such as the one we see here where a 4 year old singing girl is the best and only thing that you are going to want to listen to. We have previously encountered many such situations in which parents have some amazing and quality time with their children, but this one is by far the most interesting one. Even though the video is pretty short, just over a minute long, there are lots of things that are going on and that will make you laugh.

4 Year Old Singing Car 1

First of all, we see both the 4 year old singing child sitting at the back of the car in her seat along with her dad who is driving the car. She kindly asks his dad to turn on the radio, and this is where the fun begins. Both of them start singing various songs and are having a great time.

However, the best part about the video is probably the fact that they change clothes all over the video i.e. for each song they have on themselves different clothes who best describes the song. One thing is for sure, they do the dancing with style and the video is absolutely the only thing that you are going to want to see today. Check out the full video and choose in which song they did their best!

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