This 3000HP Yacht Rotary Diesel ENGINE Looks Unreal! Imagine Putting This In A Car!

Cars, truck and pretty much almost every vehicle needs one part to make it move, the engine! There are a myriad of different engines, some powerful, some not so much. However, we decided to write about a type of engine you will rarely hear someone speak of. Today, we will talk about a 1000hp yacht rotary diesel engine and its engineering ingenuity. This engine is called RoTar and it might be the best yacht engine on the market. It is a two rotor engine which boasts considerable power, having 1000hp. Also, it is incredibly light, having a weight of only 2500lb.

It is a 580 series rotary diesel, which has 5.8 liters displacement for every rotor. This yacht rotary diesel engine is made from aluminum, which is coated with chrome-carbide. This engine`s life is expected to be long, somewhere from 6000 hours all the way to 40000 hours! However, bear in mind that this engine is really expensive. It sells for a whopping $165,000, but luckily, its cost is expected to decrease. We also must not forget to tell you guys that this yacht rotary diesel engine has a cool name. It is known as SCORE! If you want to know more about this amazing engine, check it out below!

To read the user manual and the specifications of this engine go to PAGE 2.