Kids Crashing Three Very Expensive Stolen Dodge Hellcats! They Just Couldn’t Handle All That HP!

Some pesky kids stole three very expensive Hellcats that range from 50 to 75 thousand dollars a piece. Two of the Hellcats are definitely total. The suspects didn`t even manage to get far down the road before they crashed. These teens are from the Kansas City area and apparently they did not know the roads here. Also, the powerful engines proved to be too much for the 16, 17 and 19 year old drivers. They lost control fairly easy, they made it less than a mile. The three suspects were caught after a brief foot chases. These stolen Dodge Hellcats are among the fastest on the road, with a horsepower over 700HP.

These stolen Dodge Hellcats were also specialty cars, which the dealers have a tough time ordering. The dealership says that it`s going to take them several months to replace them. The suspects broke in through a back window. One dealership employee, happened to be driving by, saw the car lights and called the police. The police is now trying to determine why they came all the way from Kansas City to steal cars here. The kids are now facing a number of charges including burglary and receiving stolen property. We really want to know what these kids were thinking. It was obvious they were going to get caught. Why ruin your life before is even started?

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