3 ways to prepare for a car show 

Whether it`s your first or fifth time attending a car show, it can be great fun. If you`re looking to showcase your vehicle at one, you`re not alone – scores of keen drivers dream of doing this. So, what`s the best way to prepare a vehicle for a car show presentation? To find out, follow our expert tips.

3 ways to prepare for a car show 2
  1. Find the right detailing products

Detailing is crucial for any car show. Essentially, it describes the absolute cleaning of a vehicle, so that it looks practically new.

Judges tend to assess the condition of a motor – therefore, it must be in pristine condition. To guarantee this, search for the right cleaning products. These typically include acid-free degreasers, detail clay, waxes and polishes.

Remember, however, that it`s vital to find solutions that are suitable for your automobile. Your mechanic will most likely be able to provide guidance on this. It is, at the end of the day, their job to sustain your car`s high quality.

Alternatively, your vehicle manual may contain relevant information; or you could simply ask your manufacturer for advice.

To make your car truly gleam, secure effective cleaning tools

  • Shield your vehicle

You`ll no doubt want to protect your prized motor from stains and dirt. Once you`ve cleaned it completely, why not shield it from potential dust accumulation?

That way, you won`t have to worry about maintaining its pristine look; a car cover can do this for you. Invest in one, and you`ll be able to crack on with other key planning aspects, such as transport arrangement for you and the vehicle.

It may also be useful for keeping your vehicle clean during transportation. Likewise, it can provide ultimate protection if you need to leave your car outside at any point between now and the show.

A car cover is guaranteed to keep your automobile looking excellent.

  • Don`t forget the interior

It may sound like an obvious point -- but you`d be surprised at how many people forget about their car`s interior. It can often be tempting to focus solely on the exterior, as many expect that judges only check this area of a vehicle.

However, they usually inspect the inside, too. Some even look at participants` car boots. So, why don`t you give your car a complete cleanse, inside and out?

Once you`ve vacuumed it, apply automotive carpet cleaner to its seats and interior fabrics. If your interior seems especially dirty, why not do this two or three times over the course of a week, in advance of the show?

You`ll then be able to ensure that your car is completely ready for judging.

Your car is likely one of your treasured possessions. Follow these tips, and you`ll be able to convince others – including professional judges -- of its absolute value. Now that you know how, you can secure success for your motor.