217 km/h – Guinness World Record for the Fastest Car Drift!

The Guinness Book of World Records has another name in the area of HIGH-SPEED DRIFTING! The name is Kuba Przygonski from Poland! He set this record with the INCREDIBLE SPEED of 135.442 miles per hour! He performed on the 3rd of September this year using the former MILITARY AIRPORT as a driving track! The man behind the steering wheel of a TOYOTA GT86 wrote new pages in the drifting history! He reached this speed with this AMAZING ride with more than 1000 horsepower engine!!! It will be really hard to take down the fastest car drift record after this incredible performance by the Polish maestro! We are more than happy to share some great driving feats will all of you here. A world record however, is something we rarely stumble upon. This is why we consider this video of the fastest car drift ever to be a real treat for any gearhead!

Kuba Przygonski has changed the drift world as we know it! Sponsored by Polish oil refiner Orlen, this drifter took his skills to a military airport. This was the perfect place to drift at over 120 miles per hour! We are lucky to have a video of his epic performance! With controlled skidding and 49 degrees of maximum slip angle, he gave us a treat and broke the fastest car drift record! We applaud Kuba for his masterful showcase of drifting skills! This is why we think you should NOT miss the chance to witness this amazing Polish drifter in action! He mesmerized us with his drifting, and we are certain he will do the same to you! This is why you should check out this PERFECT drifter! Do you think anyone can break his record in the near future?! Enjoy!

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