Best Of 2016! Truck VS Tractor – Amazing Tractor And Truck Accidents Caught On Tape!

Navigating through a less than firm patch of mud is a very treacherous task indeed. Especially, if you don`t possess the required experience. However, a mishap can happen even to the most experienced professionals out there. In this one, we have a 2016 compilation of amazing tractor and truck accidents caught on tape. The contraptions that you are about to see in the video is monster trucks, farm tractors, dump trucks and even one rally car. Some of these drivers are risking a lot for our economy and mutual benefit. So, big props to these drivers who are having a very difficult day-to-day experience.

The first clip features an amazing tractor getting stuck in mud while towing another tractor. Nevertheless, with a nice technique it manages to get unstuck. Then you can see a clip from the world of motorsport where a monster truck jumps right into the grasp of a mud hole. Up next, you can see a huge big-rig traveling through some very treacherous terrain. There is also an overloaded semi-truck with lumber travelling through a very muddy terrain. What`s the worst that could happen? Up next you can even see a John Deere tractor going rampant on public streets. For the rest of the clips in the amazing tractor and truck compilation, click on the video below!

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