BIG BOYS TOYS! Miniature Tractor & Miniature Engines Producing A Very Awesome Soundtrack!

Videos like this can serve as an inspiration and motivation that nothing is impossible and everything can be achieved with enough money, time and knowledge. In this video, we can see a whole collection of scaled down engines that certainly required all of the previously said components in abundance.

miniature tractor engines sound 2

However, the results will make you value all of the dedication that was required to make these little machines awesome. They might be scaled down, but the magnificence of these scaled down contraptions is anything but miniature as they perfectly succeed to replicate the real life machines on a tinier scale. Besides of the plethora of scaled down V8 engines, we have a miniature tractor as well.

The miniature tractor will undoubtedly leave you awestricken. We got to say, the precision demonstrated here, is something to be heavily admired. The sound that this scaled down tractor produce is amazing as well. All of the dedication and time put in this model was definitely worth it. All of the parts that make a tractor are there, it`s just that they are miniature. However, they all come together and work as a whole. All engines displayed here are handmade by maestro Bagnoli. The miniature engines are models from various eras and you can see their specification in the video description. Make sure to tell us what you think about these fully functioning miniature models.

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