2000HP Lamborghini Gallardo Lost Control & Crashed Into A Lake At Full Throttle!

One extraordinary video was filmed at the WannaGoFast drag race event which features one unfortunate 2000HP Lamborghini Gallardo. We have seen many nasty crashes at drag racing events, but this one has water included. To make this worse, the custom made Italian supercar crashed while making a top speed performance on an airstrip located next to a lake. The driver lost control on the middle of the half-mile stretch and veering off to the small standing pond. This custom made Lambo is a very dangerous car to race because it has four times more power than the stock version but little to none downforce.

Having said that, the 2000HP Lambo probably lost traction somewhere around 100mph. This proves that all-wheel-drive can be useless if you don`t know how to properly use it. Fortunately, the driver is safe and left this nasty crash unscathed. However, we can`t say the same for his ego. Luckily, the lake was not that deep and the custom made Lambo Gallardo didn`t sustain a lot of water damage as well. Probably they managed to salvage quite a lot considering the seriousness of the crash. The video was brought to us by That Racing Channel, so many thanks to them once again.

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