Gumball 3000 2016 Takes Off As New Team Compets With Their Very Own Lamborghini Based Batmobile! 2 Videos!

The Gumball 3000 2016 kicked off this past weekend! It`s the 18th edition of this rally and this time it takes place only in Europe. It started in Dublin, Ireland as there was a quick pit stop in Belfast. From there, on to a ferry and off to the Scottish highlands where they stayed in Edinburgh for the night. This was just day one of the exciting Gumball 3000 2016. After Edinburgh, they were on their way to England and via Manchester to London.

A very special treat for all the fans was waiting in London. The great organization of the Gumball 3600 2016 managed to close off central London`s Reagent Street and allow for the public to come and bask at these wonderful crazy machines! After London the route goes to Germany, then Prague, the classic F1 race track Hungaroring in Budapest and Transylvania before finally the checkered flag will be waved at Bucharest!

There are all kinds of crazy cars at the Gumball 3000 2016. However, what really took everyone`s attention at the Gumball 3000 2016 was the Tumbler Batmobile replica! It was built for the Galag team by Caresto which is a Swedish company that specializes in automotive development, design and every types of prototype cars.

Just for laughs, if you want to compare this vehicle to the one in the latest Batman video game, follow this link!

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