Nikki Lauda’s 1974 Ferrari F1 Car Driven At Monaco Historic Race in 2016!

Formula 1 fans have a lot so to enjoy even when there is no racing event scheduled for the weekend. The automotive F1 world is never boring as we have the Monaco Historic to witness for that. Anyhow, the historic event in Monaco is being held since 1997 when this idea came into life for the first time. The second one, however, was held three years later in 2000 and since then, this event is held on every two years. The event consists of various categories all focused on the historic aspect of the Monaco circuit.

1974 F1 Race At Monaco Historic 2016 22

So, the older F1 folks definitely remember the famous Monaco circuit and the race from 1974, if not here is a little reminder. That`s the one when only 9 of the racers actually crossed the finish line without being retired before due to some problems. Now, the Monaco Historic 2016 revitalized the race from 1974 as this footage has a closeup to famous F1 racer Niki Lauda, then driving for Ferrari. Back then, the Austrian driver had problems with his ignition after he covered 32 laps.

The winner in 1974, however Lotus-Ford`s driver, Ronnie Peterson from Sweden with 9 points in 1:58:03.7! His colleague from the same team, Jacky Ickx was retired due to engine problems after covering 34 laps. However, the Historic Monaco race might look like a car show and it probably is, but it evokes such good memories that we just could not argue. Check out the video below and enjoy!

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