Hilarious Compilation Of Extremely Rare & Incredible Mechanical Problems!

If you thought you have seen everything related to car`s mechanical problems you are very wrong! What you are about to witness in the hilarious compilation below are mechanical problems unlike anything you`ve witnessed so far. Some of these are funny, some are strange and freak and some of them break every law of physics. Having said this, after watching the video, you`ll most probably think hard before taking your car to a cheap mechanic. Have you ever seen a truck splitting in half when being jacked up? Don`t think so, and this is just the beginning. Up next you`ll see an entire cabin filter filled with what we believe is soy beans.

Mechanical Problems Compilation 11 2

Who knows how they got there? This is the biggest mystery we have seen related to mechanical problems. There`s one clip in this hilarious mechanical problems compilation where clear fluid come out of the drain plug. The guy in the video is stunned into silence upon seeing the unusual incident. This is no mystery though. Some young female driver blew the engine and the blown head gasket was left to sit. However, it`s still a mystery because the fluid coming out of the gasket it`s not coolant but water.

That should not come flowing out of there, so the mystery is still strong in this one. In another clip, you can hear strange sounds coming out of the filler neck. We are very curious what`s causing this. Our guess is that the e-vap system is not working properly. There many other unusual and hilarious car problems so take a look at the compilation below and enjoy.

Finally, see how parking problems can be solved!

Mechanical Problems Compilation Vol 11

Some of these are incredible 🙈

Posted by Car Throttle on Monday, October 16, 2017