Low FlyBy Compilation! Military Airplanes BREAK the Laws of Physics!

Military airplanes are among some of the best well-built planes ever. Having several powerful engines and an aerodynamic body helps them move through the sky with ease.

Low FlyBy Compilation Military Airplanes 2

Of course, you need to have the proper experience to fly them. We are all aware of their abilities, some of which are performing vertical take offs, flying faster than the speed of sound etc. In the following compilation of videos we see these military airplanes performing low flybys and flyovers. Just to let you know before watching the video, these planes are LOUD! We take a look at such planes from various countries.

Despite having the power to destroy objects on land as well as in the air, they must be handled with precision. Even the slightest malfunction or mistake when performing these low flybys could possibly end in disaster to the pilot as well as the people near. We see a video where people are enjoying on the beach and then, out of nowhere a military plane flies just over their heads. It all goes well and all of the people are impressed. But this is not as easy as it seems. Having the right experience is crucial. The next time you take a look at the sky, be aware of a military airplane flying by!

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