Do you love the classic Mopar muscles?! We sure do, and that is why we have spent a lot of time during our visit at this year`s SEMA show in Vegas, searching, looking, and filming some of the most impressive specimens that were displayed. And if that is the case with you, then you`re really going to love the following video clip that we have prepared for you today showcasing a DODGE CHALLENGER 392 HEMI SHAKEDOWN!

With a Matte Black paint job, that gives it even more ominous appearance, this 1971 Dodge Challenger SHAKEDOWN, equipped with the original new 392 HEMI motor under the hood, mated to a Viper Tremec T6060 6-speed transmission, and a custom build suspension (along with numerous other components), Brembo Hellcat brakes, is a ride that any Mopar fan would love to have!

Just check out the video below, and you`ll see what we`re trying to say about the DODGE CHALLENGER 392 HEMI SHAKEDOWN! And for those of you who want to see and find out more about some of the best hot rods at this SEMA, click here.