Take A Look At This Awesome 1970 Slammed Dodge Charger!

Creating some awesome and unique cars is something every gearhead dreams off and this fact is further more intensified by the fact that we all the time take a look at other people`s creations such as this slammed Dodge Charger that looks ridiculously good. Man`s imagination seems to have no end and we are capable of making just about anything, all we need is money, time and inspiration. Hereby, the man who built this awesome 1970 Dodge Charger had such vision when he decided to do it. And this slammed Dodge is one of a kind. Its body nearly touches the ground.

Awesome Slammed Dodge Charger SOLO 2

It has got the beautiful matte black color and we can see that the hood is opened so we can take a look at what is under it. This beauty was displayed at the 2017 Detroit Autorama. It even has a black chrome parts on it. But once you take a look at the inside, you are going to be even more impressed. Everything is black and it was built with ultimate precision and harmony. The car has the Dodge R5 NASCAR motor which makes this one super fast car.

There are also some segments that are painted purple and kind of blend together in with the black to make it even better. It has whooping 730 HP and driving this Slammed Dodge must be a pleasure and one of a kind experience. What do you think, is this the best Dodge Charger ever made?

Finally, here is how the 2K17 Autorama went!