Talk About A Great Barn Find! 1969 Chevy Nova SS Racecar Uncovered!

When Jim Sterling went barn searching, I doubt he expected to find this beauty! He found a 1969 Chevy Nova SS covered in dust and whatnot and dragged it out of there.

1969 Chevy Nova SS Racecar Uncovered II

He put some tires on it and washed it and it turned out to be in perfect shape! Everything on the car still worked and it even maintained its shine over the years! Even through the dust you can see that this is a beauty, but once they gave it a quick wash and put some brand new rubber on them, it becomes evident that you actually really want this car.

1969 Chevy Nova SS Racecar Uncovered IIII

I doubt it`s for sale right now, but it still looks awesome. This 1969 Chevy Nova SS is a 396/375 horsepower with only eight thousand miles on it! Yep, it`s barely touched! It has a 4 speed gearbox which is still more than enough to make that engine roar before leaving some tire marks on the road.

1969 Chevy Nova SS Racecar Uncovered IIIII

As I`m sure you can imagine, it`s a real pleasure to drive this gorgeous beast and the owner is really proud to have it in his garage. There`s just something about having a classic like this – it give you the bragging rights of the decade! Great going, Jim!

No Chevy Nova talk without introducing this beast!