1968 Shelby EXP 500 Fails to be Sold for $1.8 million!

There were a lot of Mustangs at the Barett- Jackson events, but there is one that is undoubtedly one of the most interesting ones, that is the “Green Hornet“. The 1968 Shelby EXP 500 “Green Hornet” was initially made by Ford, but a bit later it was given to Shelby. Shelby`s engineers used this car for trying their experiments which included incorporating independent car suspension, disc brakes and fuel injection system in the vehicle. All of these made this “Green Hornet” to be far more advanced than other cars. Afterwards, the vehicle was stored for some time and then it was rediscovered. The owner of this vehicle, Mr. Craig Jackson, set the price for the vehicle to be 3 million dollars due to its uniqueness. But, apparently, bidders did not really like this price and the maximum bid was 1.8 million dollars. So, for now, this “Green Hornet” stays with Mr. Jackson.



Vehicle description: The history of this 1968 Shelby EXP 500 “Green Hornet” starts in 1967 when the Ford team was astonished by the Mustang known as “Li`l Red”. Therefore the team decided to build two prototypes one of which was the 1968 Mustang notchback that featured Ivy interior, a 390 V8 engine paired with automatic transmission. However, the Ford team decided to stop the project and after the vehicle was sent to Shelby American it became a different type of vehicle, a Shelby. So, this experiment was turned into a model that is now widely known as the “Green Hornet”. This vehicle has been introduced with a lot of modifications and new inventions were tried on it such as the Conolec fuel injection system, the disc brake and the independent fuel injection. Shelby American`s Chief Engineer, Mr. Fred Goodell and Mr. Carroll Shelby became preoccupied with this vehicle that was a scapegoat for all of their experiments. Unfortunately, in the end, this vehicle did not reach production and after being saved from its final destruction, it was rest in storage for many years. After few decades it was again discovered. Nobody expected to see the Green Hornet again. But, miracles do happen! Fred Goodell preserved the vehicle and the entire documentation. So, now we have the most wanted Mustang in flesh!

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