Cool Find: 1936 Cadillac Limousine V16 With Bulletproof Glass! This “AntHill Mob” Car MUST Get Restored!

When we mention barn finds, or garage finds, most of us would instantly think of a classic American muscle car. We can`t be blamed though, as most cars that are sitting in the garages are muscle cars from the 1960s or 1970s. However, this find is much older and therefore more special than the ordinary garage finds! What you are about to see in the video that we are sharing with you is a 1936 Cadillac limousine with a 185 horsepower V16 engine! Even though a 185hp engine might not be too much by today`s standards, bear in mind that this is a car that is 80 years old!

This beautiful 1936 Cadillac limousine has been sitting in a garage for many years, and it`s quite deteriorated. Luckily, it has been purchased and we hope that the new owner will restore this amazing vehicle! One of the most interesting things about this limo is the fact that it has bulletproof glass that is over an inch thick! Because the 1930s were known for the frequent skirmishes between the mafia and the police, this Cadillac limousine has gun ports drilled in the glass! This way, the passengers inside the limousine could put the gun in the holes and start shooting! As the maker of this video says at one point, “It smells like the 1930s“.

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