Daytona Talladegas Superbird Cyclones!!! All These MUSCLE CAR Beasts Found In A Warehouse!

No one can escape Father Time. Not even machines, or in this specific case, racing cars. In this video, we witness a magnificent collection of American muscle cars catching dust in a warehouse! The vehicles shown here are all racing car classics, such as the Dodge Daytona, the Ford Talladega, the Plymouth Superbird, the Mercury Cyclone and the Dodge Charger 500! Some are very dusty, one is almost completely destroyed, but most of them look like they were made just yesterday!Daytona Talladegas Superbird Cyclones -- They’re all here!

Daytona Talladegas Superbird Cyclones!!! All These Muscle Car Beasts Found In A Warehouse!

And that`s the good news! These cars have been saved from scrapyards and fields, with the intention of being fully restored! No car deserves to be left alone to battle time by itself, catching rust and losing its glamour! This especially goes for classics such as these ones, which are a part of American muscle car history! Most of them have been restored to actual drivers, but have not been driven in some time. And we are glad that they are, because they still have so much to offer. Well, most of the shiny ones have, because the rusty Talladega is still in need of some serious refreshing, unfortunately!

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