I firmly believe that anyone who considers himself as a true muscle car aficionado, knows at least something about one of the most legendary muscle cars that has ever felt the smell of the asphalt, the one and only Plymouth Superbird. The car that has a legendary status in the history of the NASCAR competition and a muscle beauty that had run some of the most legendary races, broke numerous records and set new standards in the competition. This article is about Richard Petty PLYMOUTH SUPERBIRD!

That is the reason why we felt that it is very important to present to you with the following video and a car, which even though some of the younger readers may not be familiar with it, it holds an important piece of history. So that could be an even bigger reason to get to know the legendary Richard Petty Plymouth Superbird, also known as “The King”, and which was the inspiration for the Strip “The King”, of the original Cars animated film by Disney Pixar.

So, before we let you see the video and hear about it from Richard himself, we will only tell you a few things in short. This is the 1970 Plymouth Superbird in which Petty had won the 1970 NASCAR season, and gathered about 200 wins throughout his career.

And pretty much ever since that moment in 1970, this legendary Superbird has been spending its time locked up in the Richard Petty Museum in North Carolina. But not any more! The following video clip is showing us the moments when Richard is taking it out after all those years to stretch its legs and once again, feel the pulse of the asphalt!

So check out the video and enjoy it fellows! And those of you who want to learn more about the legendary muscle beauty, 1970 Plymouth Superbird, go to this link.