1600HP Outlaw Prostock Mud Racer 4WD Rat Rod! DEMONIC SCREAM!

We like all kinds of racing competitions. But mud racing is something very special that is very close to our hearts. The types of vehicles that are needed for such exhibitions are very impressive indeed. The raw strength they got in order to roam through all that mud is staggering! These kind of events and everyone participating are straight on hardcore! And here we got something very special from the world of mud racing! A mud racer competing in the Mud Racing Association event that caught our eye and we are 100% positive it will grasp your attention as well!
The car that caught our attention was particularly great because there are all kinds of sick cars at the Mud Racing Association event! All of these insane vehicles going for the prize money through the mud like butter is an astounding sight! But the vehicle you are about to see is one monstrous 4WD mud racer with 1600HP! It is called the American Outlaw and when you hear that demonic sound roaring it will blow your mind away! And the custom made design is amazing as well! It looks like a combination between a dirt dragster and a rat rod!

This mud racer looks like the ultimate mean machine! It looks like a car from some post-apocalyptic reality with its old school bed and cabin! It has an entirely custom made tube chassis that drives on some smaller tires on the front and big 44 boggers on the rear! All this to deliver the nasty hot rod look! And when this driver starts his mud racer, the demonic atmosphere grasps everyone that bears witness! The evil nitrous injection is noticeable right away as this rat rod accelerates in a jiffy! Both of its front tires are up in the air! The torque this rat rod is producing is just ludicrous! The front axle is a Dana 30, and it managed to hold up all that power because it never touched the ground! The rear axle took all the abuse, but nevertheless, it managed to come out unscathed!

Do not hesitate to follow this link and see this mudding Duramax in action!

Enjoy the video below!

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