The Lunatic Fringe Puller With 7.3-liter CGI Block, 8-Cylinder Pump!

You want to hear and see what a real beast looks like? Ok, but first let`s go with the raw numbers – what we have here is one of those great Ford F-350 pickup trucks, known as the Lunatic Fringe with a 7.3 liter CGI block and a Hypermax 8 cylinder pump, with a big set of compound turbos that are producing about 150psi of boost and a stunner appearance that will knock everybody out in just a second.

It is not everyday that you get to see many Ford Trucks enthusiasts having their jaws on the floor when they see an old 7.3 liter engine in action, bursting and smoking with power as it is getting prepared to do a little power demonstration, as you will see it in the second part of the video.

If you ask me, the real way to feel the full power of this type of monsters like the Frank Puskarich`s Lunatic Fringe, is in the bounty hole or the pulling contest. That is the moment to forget about the numbers and put your money where your mouth is. And the Lunatic Fringe is giving us just that. So watch the video and see how this extra powerful F-350 is dealing with a few tons of `pulling material`.

Anyhow, these are the best 9 GTR modifications ever made!

Enjoy the video below!

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