10 Things We Miss Most About Old Cars!

Modern cars are decorated with all types of airbags, touchscreens, beeps and bongs. Of course, they are safer than ever. However, there are a bunch of features about old cars that are greatly missed.

1. Pop-up headlight

Who doesn`t love pop-up headlights? They are awesome, not just because they are aesthetically cool, but also because they are very satisfying to operate. However, we will never see these things in a modern vehicle again for several reasons. These include aerodynamics, wind noise and pedestrian safety.

2. Thin A-pillars

Second on this list of 10 things we miss most about old cars is the Thin A-pillars. With this feature, visibility was a lot better in corners. Nowadays, we have fat A-pillars because of safety reasons. However, this can make driving frustrating and difficult.

3. Manual gearboxes

The older the vehicle, the bigger the chance it has a manual gearbox. Many gearheads will agree that the manual transmission is more engaging and enjoyable to use. Nevertheless, modern auto transmissions are slicker, faster and more practical than any manual.

4. T-tops

T-top cars simply look amazing. The greatest part about T-top cars was that its panels were easy to remove. They could be also kept in special bags behind the seats. We just love this thing about old cars a lot.

5. Uncluttered, simple interiors

Don`t you like a simple interior sometimes? In modern cars you can be greeted with the view of 50 buttons. You need to begin an entire procedure before starting the car. On the other hand, in old cars, you just jump in, shut the door, start the heater up in order for the windows to be demisted and just turn the key.

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