How To Install Wonderful Custom Tyre Decals! TYRE Letters For A Glorious Retro Look!

If you want your tires to have a unique look like that of a vintage race car, then this custom tire decals are definitely for you. The exclusive manufacturer behind these wonderful tire letters are Tredwear. In this one, you will be able to understand what exactly these tire decals are, how they are made and the step-by-step process to install them on your tires. Tredwear was conceived in 2009 by an enterprising truck driver who decided to glue letters on the tires of his 18 wheelers because he thought it looked cool. Years later, Michael Hunt and Lee Clayton took over the company and secured two patterns for the dual compound vulcanized rubber and the industrial adhesive used to fix the letters to your tires.

What you can learn from this video is that you should not experiment with decals and stickers at home. They immediately get nasty and don`t look aesthetically good enough. One glimpse at a common racing tire and everything should be clear. However, no need to worry because there is one awesome way to install tire letters without even removing your tires. To be precise, these should not even be called decals, in fact, we are talking about state-of-the-art rubber patches. They use a very complex manufacturing process of vulcanizing to create the letters with a very high level of precision. To find out more about how these custom tire decals are made and how to install them, watch the video!

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