10 Things We Miss Most About Old Cars!

6. Actual car keys

When it comes to keys, what in the world happened to that? Car keys nowadays are shapes and sizes that usually do not resemble a normal key at all. In fact, they are stocky little rectangles. While other car manufacturers like Renault design their keys like fat credit cards.

7. Having the means to repair our own car

As gearheads, this is one of the greatest thing we miss about old cars. Nowadays, you can`t even see the engine let alone repair it. For example, you need a very expensive equipment for diagnostics. That wasn`t the case with older cars. A nice spanner set and a Haynes manual could more often than not do the trick.

8. Light Weight

This is another great thing we miss about old cars. Lightweight cars will always be more fun and enjoyable to drive. Light cars also demand greater driver concentration. They are also easier to push if something goes south under the bonnet. However, not so safe.

9. Attractive steering wheels

The automotive industry constantly tries to revolutionize the steering wheel. Nowadays, some steering wheels are fat while others flat-bottomed. However, most of them has a higher purpose than just operating the front wheels. We loved the steering wheels in old cars that was often with a very attractive design.

10. A full-size spare wheel

Back in the days, when experiencing a puncture, you could change your own wheel without much delay. In modern cars you have a slim and a pathetic-looking space-saver that probably means you are limited to a maximum speed of 50mph. In older cars, we didn`t have this problem because these space-savers weren`t really invented back then.

Finally, check out the video below by Car Throttle that gives us a full rundown on all the things we miss about old cars. What`s your favorite?

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