Wrench Extender Or A Two Spanner Trick? Which One Is Better? Elaborated In This Video!

There are many DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics who are reading this website daily. Meaning that you are familiar with wrenches. Even if you don`t fall under this category, you have probably tried to loosen some nuts and bolts and you know that tight nuts can be a huge problem. The only thing left to do is find a solution to this pesky problem. There may be up to several solutions now, and we decided to share a video that delivers two of them. These two solutions are the wrench extender and the two spanner trick. You can use both, but this video elaborates which one is actually better.

Most of you, would probably use two spanners also known as the two spanner trick. This is also probably the easiest way when dealing with tight nuts and bolts. Using two spanners or wrenches reduce the force that is needed in order to loosen the tight bolts or nuts. The guy in the video, compares this popular method with a lesser known method called wrench extender. He goes to explain and demonstrate why the wrench extender is actually the most efficient one. If you are actually interested in this method, you can find a link in the video description which suggests which one is the best to buy. Enjoy and tell us what you think about this method.

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