This Must Be The Coolest & Easiest Way Of Removing Rusted Nuts! You Only Need A Lighter & A Candle!

Rusted bolts can literally get on your nerves! No matter how old your car is, there are always some seized or rusted bolts and nuts somewhere on the vehicle. Murphy`s Law usually dictates to find those rusted bolts when you are in the biggest rush to solve a problem. There are many solutions on removing rusted nuts. In this video, we are focusing on one particular way of dealing with rusted bolts that you will find it very efficient and simple to perform. For this method you only need two common household items which are a lighter and a candle. These two pieces alongside a lug wrench will make those pesky rusted bolts come off very easily.

This trick is demonstrated by one very committed gearhead on his YouTube channel – Angell Customs. At first, he shows us how stuck those bolts really are by attempting to remove them with only a lug wrench. They are definitely not coming off that way. So, what you need to do in this situation is light the lighter on the bottom of the lug nut and hold the candle on the top and let it drip. This is soldering the copper pipe and the heat on the bottom sucks the wax into the threads. It doesn`t take very long and you don`t have to wait for it to cool or anything. You can immediately use the lug wrench and those lug nuts are coming off just like that. Enjoy the video and tell us what you think on this cool way of removing rusted nuts

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