10 Crazy Facts You Must Know About DONALD TRUMP LIMOUSINE!

As we all know, car manufacturers often make special and unique models just for special uses, like the ones made for presidents, famous and rich people and this is the reason why we take a look at these 9 amazing facts you must know about Donald Trump Limousine.

Donald Trump Limousine 9 facts 3

It took 3 years to fully complete this masterpiece which is also known as the Beast. First of all, you need to know that this limousine is way more than it appears to be at first look. It was made by Cadillac and it costs staggering $1.5 million. It is 18ft in length and weighs approximately 9100kg. It is capable of reaching speed of 60mph. The fuel tank of this limousine is bulletproof as well as blast proof and the car runs on diesel.

All of the glasses are made from a thick layer of poly-carbonate and a processed glass. When it comes to who can drive this Beast, they are selected very strictly. The driver is specially trained just to drive the Donald Trump Limousine and these drivers are capable of handling anti-terrorist activities. They are also masters at the 180 J-turn.

The car also has the sensory protection which basically means that it has got various types of sensors which give information to the driver and the people inside the car about the threats and potentially dangerous scenarios. They all work together and are very accurate. Check the link below and see every detail and fact you must know about this limousine!

At last, have a look at Mr. President’s extravagant car collection.