This Is HUGE! 10 Facts About President Donald Trump Car! Prepare Yourselves!

So, it goes like this… Our newly elected president came in power as he won more electoral votes than his political opponent, Democrat Hilary Clinton. President Donald Trump`s election came with a package of many controversies and broad denial of his presidency. However, the political background is one thing, but his amazing car is another thing! So, please get yourself prepared for the most exciting 10 facts regarding President Donald Trump car! Regardless of your political affiliation, it is a fact that the American president needs the highest level of safety when traveling from point A to point B.

Thus, the White House had this new GM motorcade to be parked on the driveway. Yeah, we all know the President Donald Trump car is bulletproof and that secret agents walk around it every day. But, there are some amazing stuff that you have probably never heard of! For example, the car used for President Trump`s inauguration has been developed and researched for years. Rumor has it that GM have spent more than $15 million in development ONLY! The “Beast” as the presidential limo is called is a greater tank than an actual tank! Hence, it is composed of 8″ armored doors which is enough to stop a .44 magnum bullet! See more in the footage below!

Before you go, check out the extravagant car collection President Donald Trump possesses.