Take A Look At The REAL Beast – President OBAMA’s CADILLAC One!

Being the President of The United States of America is not a joke! Therefore, the Government must be sure to keep its President safe and secure! In that matter, we would like to dedicate this article to Mr. Obama`s “BEAST”! The Beast is just another name for His Cadillac One – the automobile that can withstand all sorts of attacks even from heavy machinery! This so called MOVING FORTRESS is made out of pure ALUMINUM, CERAMIC and TITANIUM!

The Secret Service Garage has a total of 12 cars like this where they are held under strict 24/7 surveillance! Now let us just give you an idea of Mr. Obama`s trip so you can compare it with one of your journeys! When our President travels, he has around 45 ARMED VEHICLES as well as AMBULANCES to accompany him! However, there are more details about the Cadillac One that are interesting to know – under the car, you can find a plate made out of steel in order to protect against GRENADES or BOMBS! This TANK is so powerful, that it won`t explode even if it suffers a DIRECT HIT! Moreover, it is so AWESOME that you MUST check it out and find out more about it!!!

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