10 Amazing Car Gadgets Put On Test!

Over the course of these previous couple of years, people have come up with some utterly amazing car gadgets that just might save your day or simply make some complicated tasks much easier. Though we live in a time when you have literary anything you could possibly think of in a car, there are still couple of things that are missing, primarily to increase our safety. To begin with we first take a look at the Hudway Glass. Are you a type of a driver that very often checks his phone or looks at the dash board, and if you are this simple yet ingenious gadget might help you out a lot.

10 Amazing Car Gadgets 2

It is transparent plastic and it will show you the speed you are going but it has much more functions too! Next, we take a look at the Rotogrip CS. This compact solution could easily turn into a chain carpet while at the same it places itself under the tires. This improves the tire grip and traction so you do not have to worry about carrying those heavy chains for a snowy day. With a simple press of a button the Rotogrip CS is ready for action. It functions well for both forwards and backwards.

The amazing car gadgets compilation does not stop here. We present you the LOOK-IT Rear Vision System which is basically a small camera attached to the back and connected to your phone for a clear view. Check out the full video and decide which gadget is the best one for you!

Finally, we give you 20 amazing gadgets for men!