0-221mph in a Porsche GT2 RS at the Autobahn!

Even though we are all used to watching various videos in which the speed and the power of a single vehicle is what is most important, there are still just some that will make our blood boil and make us wish for more and more. Such videos tend to appear from time to time. Hereby, we take a look at this one which is guaranteed to offer you fun and excitement. This video is for the one who simply will compensate safety for the sake of speed and who would do everything for it. We take a look at the one and only, the beast itself, the Porsche GT2 RS that goes to whooping top speed of 221mph and is guaranteed to completely blow your mind.

0-221mph in a Porsche GT2 RS at the Autobahn 2

But the fact that this video has many other aspects other than just seeing flying on the road is what makes it so special. First of all, the Porsche GT2 RS leaves the garage and heads off towards the gas station. The driver then refuels the car and it seems that everything is ready for him to hit the road.

He starts off pretty furious and in just couple of seconds, the Porsche GT2 RS is seen reaching whooping speeds. It seems that nothing can stop this car and nothing can stand on its way. There is a nice camera that is mounted at the dash board so you can more easily get the action.

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