Orca Killer Whales DRAG RACING Against A Small Speedboat!

We are aware that this video prepared for you today is a `little bit` different than all the others you have watched or going to watch on this website. Nonetheless, if you are regularly following us, you will know that from time to time, we`d like to present you something out of the world of cars, but fulfilled with interesting and funny moments. Thus, the following clip will really get you going, especially if you are a type of person who loves the nature and animals, as we have one small group of Orca Killer Whales, recorded `drag racing` by some people cruising on a smaller speed boat.

Imagine, what are the odds of something like this to occur? One in a million! Therefore, the spontaneous and sometimes loud reaction of the women in the video is pretty much understandable. Anyways, due to a lack of info in the video, we do not know where this is exactly happening, but we can tell you that these guys were not really expecting too come across this group of water mammals. These Orca killer whales got interested in the people  on the boat and started following them and gave them an experience they will never forget, by doing their well-known tricks that we usually see them doing in pools, or in other forms of captivity.While a speed boat can be fun having a yacht might be a more enjoyable ride. There are Viking Yachts for sale that are almost as fast as speed boats, but you will coast in luxury as well.

So, if everything aforementioned sounds interesting to you, than watch the video below in which the Orcas are `drag racing`. Too bad there was not official timing, otherwise these magnificent creatures would`ve claimed victory! In fact, as we can all notice from this recording, the Orcas are not actually trying to overtake the boat. They are just having fun! But if they had such an intention, overtaking this small speed boat would not have been a problem at all for these whales!

At last, click here to read some interesting facts about the Killer Whales!


71 thoughts on “Orca Killer Whales DRAG RACING Against A Small Speedboat!



    1. Rick

      yes you would be quite right?

    2. Yack yack I agree lady’s shut up and enjoy what’s been given to you

    3. Stephen

      Could be a great vid without these screechy stupid chickens

  2. boyd

    Looks like the propeller hit one in one part of the video the water turned red after one of the orcas went under the propeller.

  3. Tyler

    Shamoo, meet mr propeller

  4. licenseless

    they are drafting off the turbulence from the propeller. same thing dolphins do off boats. but I bet they weren’t expecting to go that fast… i have a feeling that those whales where the nitro circus of the orca community.

    1. Ernest

      The propeller forces water backwards, which would slow them down. Turbulence is a chaotic flow of water, what you might be referring to is the layer of water being dragged along by the boat….

  5. Abel Xo

    Your headline should be These Orca Whales, or This Orca Whale…

    1. random

      Orcas arnt whales, theyre dolphins…

      1. Danny Cameron

        Phahaha seriously…dolphins???

      2. Jordan Dole

        Dolphins are actually a type of whale. There are two groups of whales, baleen whales and toothed whales. Dolphins and Orcas fall into the toothed whale category

  6. john

    Could be blood, Could be seaweed. Could be a blip in the camera or the boat might have an in-baord motor… (no external propeller)

    1. Motorboater

      The motor is in-board. Not the propeller. You would be speaking of an impeller, like a jet ski.

  7. ldrom

    looks cute ,but these orca,s do not wait with eating the people,if they fell off the boat. I think the boatpeople d,nt realissed that.

  8. JR

    This is definitely an inboard motor. No orcas were hit or hurt. We boat every weekend and you can tell the difference. Love how everyone loves the chance to jump at controversy though. Btw whales/dolphins/fish love to ride the wake. It’s a game.

    1. twall

      Stupid is saying a inboard has no prop

      1. Georgios Poppodopolos


      2. Georgios Poppodopolos

        Orca’s are neither whales , nor dolphins, nor fish, they are mammals.

        1. Madi Burt

          Whales and dolphins are both mammals.

          1. Orcas are bugs, duh. Everyone knows that.

        2. Robin

          Orca’s are cetaceans like dolphins but different species and they are mammals.

    2. Anonymous

      Not about jumping on the bandwagon for protesting… But it’s definitely illegal to run any motor boats within like 30 yards of orcas

      1. admin

        Thanks for the info. Anyway, it looks like these Orcas were chasing the boat that could not escape from them…

    3. Johan

      You can explain this to people in a polite way.

      1. Sarah

        People can’t. People are just getting meaner and meaner.

    4. Phil

      If your inboard doesn’t have a prop then what propels the water? I’ve grown up on boats, have one myself for a while now and there is no way to tell what type of engine is running other than to know it isn’t an outboard or a jet. Could be an I/O. But hey, you know it all right?

  9. T R

    This is where Orcas should be, not in a bathtub at Seaworld.

    1. admin

      Fully agree with you! Thanks for the comment!

      1. Virginia

        I was thinking the same thing!

  10. Eric

    that is awesome, I had the experience of seeing a pod of orcas diving around our small boat when fishing, for a brief moment it was a bit scary then it was more like an adrenaline rush of fascination. Good job on the video

  11. anna

    Great to appreciate them in their natural habitat

  12. e10011972

    on my view they were trying to flip the boat. they are very smart animals n i would say they were hunting. 🙂

    1. Rey M

      Agreed. And I have a boat with an inboard and they have props! It’s not a jet boat people. Inboard and outboard just means where the motor is, but they both have propellers! The only water craft that don’t have props are jet skis and jet boats. They were hunting!

      1. tug

        Ya I’m saying they were pack hunting cuz that’s what they do and yes I belive If anyone have them fell in they would have been lunch meat. And I’m pretty sure there good a ridden the wave cuz the speed up on the beach and grab sea lions are they idk but that was awesome

  13. Robert Greenway

    always amazing to hear the range of projections onto The Other — what “they” were doing. Chasing after the humans to play and say “hi”? or trying to chase the damn boat out of their ‘hood.

  14. Lekker Lustig

    “Oh My God Oh my Gosh, Oh my God!” Again and again….why?

  15. paul

    Living in the Pacific Northwest, I have seen orcas many times, out fishing or from shore. The orcas in the amazing video are are called transients, as opposed to those native to Northwest waters. Anyway, the behavior of the orcas in the video, believe it or not, is simply play. They are extremely intelligent and, like your dog, love to engage in play. Kudos to the cameraman, or camera woman, for a great vid.

    1. Jason Russell

      Finally, you seem to be the only person with any damn sense on here

  16. Scott

    I don’t know anything about boat exhaust systems or how orcas breathe. Anyone know how much exhaust gas these orcas would be breathing in when doing something like this?

  17. gert

    I don’t believe this happened. But if it did, then some other agency needs to be informed and action taken

  18. m0b00st

    Action taken regarding what? You don’t believe a video you just saw?

  19. Tracey

    Wow what amazing animals! Those 2 seem especially amazing, naturals if you will at tricks. If they were brought back to Sea World I’d go see these 2 perform! What beautiful animals. Thanks for the video.

    1. SeaWorld Is SICK!!!

      We need to lock you up and have you dance in a little room for the rest of your life for the amusement of others. Lets just take them from their family and their natural environment so a guy like you can see them jump hoops. You are exactly what is wrong with this world.

      1. James Wazenya,

        ,Ponder on this when speaking to others, all the desiderata of proving a point,you might get more attention to try a more Insouciant approach and a toned down more propitious voice may help . The vociferous nimiety and pugnacious way towards others when conversing with you is one sided ,probity and loquacious to say the least. You seem to show cupidity of your point and its more nugatory I fear and very hebetude and full of clishmaclaver.All it get’s you is an alpenglow about you and a perfidious reputation of you by others. Don’t mean sunrise or sunset.Get oii the negitive train

  20. This is definitely playtime for them. This is a form of drafting that I’ve engaged in before. A pair of fins is all that’s needed. Arms stay at your side when ur about two feet from the back to control ur speed by pressing straight down. If this isn’t done and monitored closely the wake of the boat will literally slam you face first into the boat. You can drop back a little in the wake and kick hard to perform barrel rolls & turns. Aside from possibly getting a knot on the head, seeing as your head is usually held above water most of the time, you are breathing in some fumes. This is a blast to do, not the fumes mind you, but the literal rush you get .Granted, not an everyday activity. This is no more dangerous than swimming in the water that is so polluted by the oil drilling platforms. There’s not one oil platform that doesn’t leak oil on the face of earth. These Orcas are having a great time in the video. You do not see an aggressive move toward the boat. If they wanted to they could land right on top of that boat or snatch that excited women’s mouth, camera & all right off that boat.

  21. gery edgard

    A WOMEN her hart ♥ is on her tong

  22. gery edgard

    A WOMEN her hart ♥ is on her tong

  23. gery edgard

    A WOMEN her hart ♥ is on her tong

  24. Lolo

    They are hungry.. Lol

  25. Bill

    They whales are obtaining a free ride from the shock wave from the hull of the boat traveling through the water. The hull creates a pressure wave and when the wale places itself right outside the pressure wave as it gets a push through the water, Dolphin will do this at the bow of larger ships as that’s where the pressure wave exists on larger vessels. This high powered boat in this video has two drives, either prop or jet propulsion. Air is injected near the prop or through the propeller and causes water turbulence so that a greater resistance is obtained behind the propeller, you can also see the two air streams in the video..

  26. toret

    Q Video muy peligroso

  27. rosamar

    Bellas son inteligentes, disfritan nuestra Algeria y admiracion.

  28. flo man

    they are trying to eat you lol

  29. This is taken during their 20th wedding anniversary, while staying in La Paz, Mexico at the Costa Baja Resort and Spa- Rich and Laura Howard got the surprise of their diving careers, when a pod of Whales- nearly 20 in all, started surfing behind their small dive boat. Super exciting video shot by Laura Howard of Oceans Of Images Photography.

  30. Karen Beth Blatcher

    Amazing but hard to see the orca with the writing all over the screen.

  31. Sean

    Not very clever! The prop is slicing the poor creatures to pieces. But I wouldn’t expect screaming Americans to think that clearly.

  32. travis

    Those Orcas were sizing up that boat and wondering how they were going to knock one of those screaming ladies into the water for lunch.

    1. Johnny

      Hahaha we still hope that they just wanted to have fun 🙂 Have a nice day Travis and beware of Orcas 😀

  33. Tammy

    Orcas do not eat people.

    1. Orca's baby brother Vinny

      Orca’s never leave witnesses behind…

  34. The world's gone mad!

    Great video! Crap comments! Keeps happening! What’s the need for negativity… Are they being forced to do it..? No. Are the they having fun..? Yes. Do accidents happen..? Yes. Are they hungry? Who cares. You just got to see something special, so enjoy it!

  35. Ciberiatrix

    Stop saying OH MY GOD ffs… it sounds so stuuuuupid!

  36. Joe


  37. jape

    Hey boss are you sure this is a fishingboat?
    Why the hell they wanna get rid of us? Shut up and swim!

    1. Johnny

      Lol 😀 I also suppose that was the conversation Jape ahahha 🙂

  38. Robin Tiller

    .if you “gentlemen” were offended by these women having fun and laughing. ..TURN DOWN THE SOUND‼️ Lord…whiners.

  39. Silas Tegoseak

    All they’re doing is enjoying the surf….

  40. Wow! awesome stuff and i already watch after schooll. anyway, what do you think about that?


    Orcas and dolphins like to play and show off . A dolphin once in Mozambique came next to my boat showing us her baby , she even hit her head on the water to drag our attention with the baby swimming right next to her tight against her tummy braking the surface of the water . These to species are to clever to land up in props, it just does not happen

    1. Johnny

      I bet you had amazing moments back then 🙂 Thank you for sharing! Have a great day!

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