Left Keys In Car?! UNLOCK Your DOOR With A HANGER!

It is a huge bummer when you have left keys in car or when you forget them inside the vehicle so you have no idea what to do next! Your car is stuck and so are you! That is where we come in to show this amazing trick that will get you out of situations like this one! All you need is a hanger that could be as long as your arm! Next thing you have to do is to insert the hanger in the hole that you will find on the left side of your window. When you are done with that, try to find a little pin, it`s usually couple of inches away from the hole you just inserted the hanger in! After you find the pin, just pull the hanger and it will unlock your automobile`s door!

It is as simple as pie and it will save you a lot of time and money!  Taking your car to the mechanic will cost you at least $80 or even more! Why waste your money and time? Learn how to unlock your car with a simple move of a hanger!

Finally, be aware that this method should not be violated on other cars. You must be ready to show your proof of ownership while doing this trick. Also, prove that you’ve left keys in car!

If that doesn’t work due to the type of you vehicle, try this!