First To Get a Ticket Challenge! Absolutely Crazy!

Here is something entertaining that can have a relaxing and positive vibe effect to everyone (with a right mind), one of those things we only see on TV and that makes us laugh and talk about it after we are done watching it. It is a video from an episode of “Super Speeders 5 -- Out of Control”, in which we will see Matt Farah and Rob Ferretti , fooling around with great cars, with one simple goal – who is going to get a traffic ticket first, and then come back at the place where they have started the whole thing, to claim the ticket challenge victory.

It starts with two of them, choosing any car they want from that `dream warehouse (full with some of the best supercars in the world), go out, and come back with a ticket. The one who will do it faster, get a ticket as fast as possible, is the ticket challenge winner, simple as that!

The choice comes down to one great Mercedes McLaren SLR and other mind-blowing Corvette. After that, the show and the fun can begin. We cannot see the whole thing ended, but judging from the way it started, these guys have a better chance to stay dry during a monsoon rain, than not getting a traffic ticket!

So check out the video and have fun watching it, but do not forget that this is only a TV show, so you SHOULDN`T even dream about doing something like this in real life. After all, the point of having a great car is to enjoy it, not to cause damage to yourself and the others.