Nick Suckow 1968 Dodge Charger with Wicked Blown HEMI!

Every car has its story, and this is the one about Nick Sucko1968 Dodge Charger with blown Hemi, a cat that is now listed as missing. The story begins some 30 years ago, when the muscle car fan Nick Suckow bought himself this great ’68 Dodge Charger in purple that you saw on the photo above. This was followed after his army experience, which started right after he finished high school and joined the army, from where he was shipped and stationed in Germany. This is the place where he started developing his gearhead spirit, where he got hooked on the German autobahns, running down the highway like crazy.

The video that you are about to see is from the last moments he drove and recorded his beloved 1968 Charger, a car that also has a story behind. In short, after he had finished his army duty and got married, Nick got this beauty after a failed attempt to get his hands on an old Ford Bronco that got wrecked whilst driving it from his Wisconsin honeymoon back to Texas.

But he did not have much luck with it either, as the car got stolen very soon after a ride in the country side. According to the info, the video is actually from the last moments before it was stolen. What a shame for such a great machine.