Just For Laughs – Small Girl & the Immensely Lifted Truck Problems! MUST WATCH!

Have you ever thought that something does not fit the right way with your own vehicle and you have a problems getting inside? You felt pretty cool when you have been watching big guys trying to squeeze their way inside one of those small Japanese or European cars? You thought that was the only possible problem? Wait until you see the video that we have found and prepared for you, just to give you a reason to get a few good laughs. And a few laughs you shall have with one enormously lifted truck problems.

Alright, what we have here is one gigantically high lifter Ford F-250, a real monster of a truck in the true sense and meaning of the word, and this (I guess) normal girl who is trying to find the right way to get in. And she has quite of a journey while trying to find her way up in the truck`s cabin. She looks incredibly small compared to that truck. The women who is recording this video is telling her to use the back tire while laughing uncontrollably. Well who wouldn`t? It is a pretty funny sight. Anyway, she puts one leg to the back tire then the second. She struggles a bit until gaining balance and finally hops in the truck`s cabin. Right at the end of this clip, we can see a man with stairs passing by. Maybe, she could`ve used those stairs in order to get in the truck? It would`ve definitely saved some time for her. To tell you the truth, when I saw the video for the first time, she reminded me on Smurfette, as she is struggling to hump her way in this huge monster truck. But being persistent is always a good thing, and of course, she did it! She managed to overcome these big lifted truck problems.

Check it out and have a few laughs yourself people.

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