Nissan Skyline GTR R33 Insanely LOUD & Shooting FLAMES!

Watching a great sports car giving a flame throwing spectacle to the crowd or to the camera is always an appealing thing for every true sports car aficionado. And when it comes down to such a fine, modified specimen like this awesome white Nissan Skyline GTR R33 that you are about to see in the following video, then `the stakes` are getting even higher! So prepare yourself good for one hell of a shooting spectacle and a flame throwing show.

And in order to make this video even more effective and louder, the guy recorded it in a closed garage, where the sound is bouncing off the walls and creates a real `surround sound show`! And I must not forget to mention that this awesome GTR R33 babe is also equipped with an anti-lag misfiring system, which is usually used on sports cars with turbocharged motor, in order to minimize the turbo lag. The way it works is by preparing for the fuel and the air to be in the exhaust duct before the turbocharger and after the motor, which ignites in the hot channeling and the combustion process that happens in there, keeping the turbocharger spinning when the engine does not deliver the proper amount of exhaust gas. And that is when the booming effect goes off!

So, check out this great GTR example shooting fire and screaming loud as hell. And if Skyline GTR R33 happens to be your favorite GTR model, check out this link and find out more about it.