This Nissan GTR R33 With Some Loud Explosion & Flame Kit!

True and devoted GTR fans know very well that lately, it is becoming more and more rare scene to come across some Nissan Skyline GTR R33 model, and it is even harder to see one doing a stunt that will raise up your adrenalin rush level, which only a real street fighter can give you. That is why, surfing the internet for a good GTR videos, we could not overpass this really cool clip that you are about to see in only a few moments, with one `mental` GTR R33 in silver, giving one firing performance that will not leave you indifferent. So, we have this modified R33 (for which unfortunately we do not have the specs), creating a real street show, using its turbo power for an attractive flame kit throwing performance, spiced with a little sliding and drifting action, along with its fellow Nissan 300 ZX.

And I will tell you right away. Those rainbow drifts are pretty cool, no question about it (even if some of you will argue that it is not the `best drifting` you have seen), but just wait until you see and (especially) hear the popping sound of its exhaustion. Trust me when I say that it is definitely worth of your time.

Turns out, you can make your own Flame kit!

Enjoy the video below!

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