GTR Drifting and Throwing Flames on the Busy Streets of London!

London town at night, tiny and busy street fulfilled with many different cars, taxi cabs, pedestrians and one great looking, metallic blue Nissan Skyline GTR ready to get in action and rush things up. When you sit behind the wheel of Nissan Skyline GTR, adrenalin rush simply starts to take over and the spirit of `need for speed` becomes in charge, so a chance to show off you power and skills on a small and overcrowded street like this, is a challenging that should not be avoided. At least that is how the guy in the GTR drifting video is feeling about it.

As much as we all love drifting, most of us would probably skip this one, but not our `hero` from the clip bellow. He decides to have a little fun and do some short drifts and than, seal up the performance with a little flame throwing. And as it often happens nowadays, there was somebody to record the whole thing with the camera.

If you look carefully, you will notice that there are many others supercars parked outside, right next to the place where the GTR did his stunt. The driver of the Nissan probably felt like he needed to show who the real boss is and who is in charge.

The Nissan GTR drifting is okay, but check out this mad BMW drifting!

Enjoy the video below!

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