Unbelievable TUG of WAR! Chevy Duramax Truck Beats Semi Truck Like It Is A TOY! (2 VIDEOS)

Duramax Beats Semi Truck in a TUG of WAR! Tug of war is a fun way of settling the dispute which vehicle has a more powerful engine! Today, we are sharing not one, but two videos of a tug of war! This showdown is between a Chevy Duramax truck, and a semi-truck! Just seeing these two trucks, you would instantly think that the much bigger semi-truck will easily win this duel! However, you couldn`t further away from the truth. In order to succeed in life, you should not give up when an obstacle emerges. Only in this way you can achieve great things in life. This video can be related with what we said before. When it comes to a battle, there is only one winner. Also, size does matter, but in this case it is not like that. At the beginning, the big yellow semi truck has everything is its hands, but the unexpected happens. The Duramax shows the teeth and takes away the victory. Furthermore, in the second video you can see a full footage of this duel.

Watch the second video on PAGE2!

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