TUG OF WAR GONE WRONG! Somebody Call the Fire Department!

This is what happens when you do not when to say stop and enough! TUG OF WAR GONE WRONG! What we have here in this video, is one nasty and full of grudge tug of war battle between two very powerful mega trucks – one great and attractive looking Ford Ranger in yellow and another red Opielicious truck. The thing that looks like one of the most equal and very mean pulling contest suddenly turns into a real dark comedy, as the engine at one of the trucks is setting on fire and the driver jumps right off it, trying to save his life.

Both of these 4 x 4 monster trucks is extremely powerful, there is no doubt about it, but eventually, one has to prove as better and stronger than the other, just would that be? Especially when neither one wants to give up and say it is over. Than, after lots of rubber burnouts and going back and forward, Ford Ranger is getting overheated and burns into flames. Fortunately everything is finished good for everybody, so we can now all have a few good laughs about it. Check it out!

Enjoy the video below!

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