This Is a Truly INSANE Jet Engine Ford Truck DragonFyre!

When a man gives and devotes himself completely to achieve the highest possible number of horse and torque power out of the engine, things can get carried away a little. And in those moments when the red thin line between the reality and the world of fantasy and desire starts to vanish, one can end up with such a creation that will make all his dreams come true. I`m saying all of this not because I want to open a philosophical debate on certain metaphysical issues or to present myself as the next guy who will reinvent the wheel or hot water, but because I`m admiring the will and desire that this guy had to built and construct this powerful truck with an appropriate name DragonFyre, probably the meanest looking dangerous wherever it may appear.

Now, we have it here on the video, from Cordova, in Illinois, at the 59th annual World Series of Drag Racing competition, where this old 1940 Ford pickup truck, powered with a jet engine that is producing a `zillion` horse and torque power, ready to flyaway from the drag strip.

However, the final numbers are 7.5 seconds at 205 mph. Take a look at the video. Moreover, check out the fun this guy is having with this old Ford!

Enjoy the video below!

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