TUG OF WAR Gone Wrong For This Chevy Truck! Ahh That Hurts! Engine Failure Ended This Truck’s Game!

`Send the back up, send the back up, we have a problem!` This is what happens when you do not get your ride ready and checked out before getting into any type of a contest, or a challenge, or when you are doing a stunt! You will end up looking like a complete idiot! And that is exactly what we have here! In the video below that you are about to watch features two big and ultra powerful monster trucks in a pulling contest when all of a sudden, in the middle of the heat, one of these truck`s engine blows up and gets on fire. Engine failure is no joke! We can only imagine how far this engine was pushed in order to explode like that! He should have just given up when it became apparent that his truck can`t win!

It is one of those highly tuned and modified Chevy pickup trucks in a pulling battle with another monster truck, which is obviously better and stronger. We do not have the specs of each these powerful beasts, but that will not be the reason not to enjoy the video, believe us. Instead of admitting the defeat, the guy is being persistent in keep on battling and therefore, ends up with his clutch blown away and probably with a severed fuel line. Therefore, it is inevitable to end up looking silly and become a subject of laughs. As for us, we feel sorry for that Chevy pickup truck! It is sad to see a truck that good experiencing an engine failure like the one in the video! Nonetheless, we can hope that the driver learned his lesson! Sometimes, admitting defeat is the smartest thing to do! That engine explosion could have been much worse, but luckily, no one was injured! Be careful if you are doing a tug of war people, or this might happen to you.

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