Tug of War Games – Gone Wrong! Classic Chevy vs Ford Battle As One Of The Trucks FALLS APART IN PIECES!

What`s not to love about the great Tug of War games? The real battle to determine which truck has the bigger strength and capabilities. And it`s an awesome show for everyone around. The spectators are always having a blast. And how couldn`t they? The smell of burned fuel the contenders are producing is making one hell of an atmosphere! However, it is not always fun and games. Sometimes, for whatever reason, things can go awry. And we have exactly that in this next clip!

Usually these trucks that are competing in the Tug of War Games are modified by their owner. But, the one who is getting the truck ready has to possess certain expertise in that field. If not, a huge mishap can happen. For example, like the one in this video.

In these Tug of War Games the two truck contenders are a Ford vs Chevy. And the battle between these two brands goes a long way! The owners of these two brands are in a never-ending battle on who builds the best hauler. So, it is a classic battle indeed.

As they are getting ready for this classic Ford vs Chevy battle, everything looks fine. The Chevy at first is leading and having the upper-hand. But, what comes next, will definitely take you by surprise. The Chevy truck begins to totally collapse! The Ford truck tears the Chevy truck limb by limb! And we mean, it tears the Ford truck LITERALLY! The rear axle of the Chevy unwinds and the Chevy falls on its rear.

But, the most terrible thing that happens in this Ford vs Chevy battle is actually the Ford driver. As the Chevy is collapsed down on the ground, the Ford driver just doesn`t stop hauling. This could`ve resulted in a major tragedy. Fortunately, no one got hurt in these Tug of War Games.

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