UNBELIEVABLE: HGP VW Golf VI R 3.6 Bi-Turbo EMBARRASSED Ferrari 458 Speciale!

This is not the first time to present you a race between a Golf and a Ferrari. And in that one the Golf won as well. However, this battle differs a lot. First of all there are two races here. In both races the Ferrari is left far behind the Golf! Can you believe that HGP VW Golf VI R 3.6 Bi-Turbo has EMBARRASSED Ferrari 458 Speciale!? Well, The German hatchback taught the Italian sports car a lesson, although the Ferrari had the aerodynamic advantage. As Enzo Ferrari once said: ” Aerodynamics are for People who can’t build engines” (but now the Ferrari is on that position…)

Anyway, for this price I think Ferrari is a bad ride… It seems like at the end of the day the price is not always a relevant factor. The machine under the hood and the driver behind the wheel are more important. Watch till the end where you can see the Ferrari up front.



8 thoughts on “UNBELIEVABLE: HGP VW Golf VI R 3.6 Bi-Turbo EMBARRASSED Ferrari 458 Speciale!

  1. Zagan

    This Golf has 745 BHP for 925 Nm … it is normal that it beats a 605 BHP Ferrari … put it VS an Enzo or better, an FXX, with a real driver, and you’ll see … you’re trying to compare things that can’t … put the same engine (it’ll be heretic) in the Ferrari, the Golf will only see gazes exhaust …

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Agree with you Zagan!

    2. Daum

      Son, you seem to be mentally challenged. The point of the video was to pit a hatchback against a car that costs over 300.000 euros. There’s nothing an Enzo or FXX would do against a lightweight hatchback with 700bhp, since it has almost as much torque as a Veyron in a car that weighs under 1500kg. Facepalm…

      1. Bob999

        The worst comment today.

      2. bruno

        Point? Try to Compare a thing that only can accelerate in straight line with a real engineered car? Non sense.

  2. aj

    That was great! If i owned the ferrari i would have never posted that video! Great race!

  3. bruno

    Putz both in Nordschleife and then you’ll have some decent comparisson.

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Agree with you Bruno!

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