Street DRAG RACE: VW Golf R32 vs Ferrari Modena 360!

Check out this amazing street DRAG RACE: VW Golf R32 vs Ferrari Modena 360!

Again we are seeing a drag race on the streets during the day, however, as you can notice there is nobody else there. So, taking this into consideration, there is no potential hazard here. Anyhow, this race is also special like any previous one. This time we have a supercar racing an ordinary city car. Now, everybody would immediately write the Golf offbut do not judge the book by its covers! The German car may look small and unattractive compared to the Ferrari, but it doesn`t give up. In fact, when the race started the Golf had a nice advantage. But I was always wondering how it is possible to get such a big amount of power out of the R32 engine!

Enjoy the video below!

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