Turbocharged Sierra Truck Humiliates Tuned Ferrari 458 Italia! You Have To See This!

This is one of those moments you just don`t want to experience. You have bought yourself a really expensive Ferrari, thinking that money equals speed. After all, the brand “Ferrari“ is synonym for speed for many people throughout the world! You decide to challenge a truck to a race and that is the moment reality hits you! Seems like having an expensive car won`t help you win against a turbocharged Sierra! Check out this Turbocharged GMC Sierra Pickup Truck As It Humiliates this Tuned Ferrari 458 Italia in a street race! The Italian supercar was trying, but it was not fast enough to beat the GMC truck! It seems like the truck`s driver is fed up with sport cars and wanted to show what an American muscle vehicle can actually do! If this was his intention then he proved his point! His thing really pulls and sounds like a demon!

Ferrari`s driver will definitely remember this night for a long time! Besides the awesome overtake, you can also enjoy the magnificent sounds these two mighty vehicles produce! The thing is, you can actually hear the Ferrari`s machine after the turbocharged Sierra overtakes the tuned 458 Italia! That`s how loud it is! We can only wonder if the ego of the Ferrari driver was completely destroyed! Nonetheless, we are certain that he will think more the next time he decides to race against an American truck! And the final conclusion?! Well, it seems that Ferraris are not that fast, they are just too expensive! We positively recommend you guys to watch this astonishing video! It proves that although trucks might not look as nice as sport cars, they still pack a punch with what they have under the hood! See the video! Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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15 thoughts on “Turbocharged Sierra Truck Humiliates Tuned Ferrari 458 Italia! You Have To See This!

  1. A “TRUCK”, it wouldn’t look good if you win against a “TRUCK”.
    Maybe you just don’t have it on you. LOL!!!! I wouldn’t waste my time on a “TRUCK” if I were a Ferrari. You know what I’m saying????

    1. MUAHAHAHA!!! How do you feel FERRARI OWNERS?! Are you crying?!

      1. Ben

        If you can afford a 458, you can buy ten of those trucks. I would not be embarrassed to lose to the truck, I’d be embarrassed for the truck driver who can’t afford a Ferrari and has to modify a lame truck. At the end of the day, the Ferrari owner goes to his Mansion, the truck driver goes back to momma’s basement. Hahah, who’s laughing now?

    1. Johnny

      That is why we are here, because we also love it 🙂 Thanks for your comment Jose!

  2. Jeff

    A drag race is pointless that POS truck wouldn’t last one lap on the track like the Ring in Germany too heavy no brakes or handling lol.

    1. Rich

      That is like saying the Ferrari is junk because you can’t haul anything. The Italian sports car got beat in an acceleration test by a truck. Straight line acceleration was the test and the Ferrari got schooled on lsx turbo POWA.

  3. Bob

    It may not go around the nurnburg ring as effectively but the point of this is that you need not spend millions to have fun….or be fast!

    1. Johnny

      You’re right Bob 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  4. ken

    Well Jeff, id like to see you stand infront of the millions of drag racing drivers n fans & say that
    & remember this , every single race track in the world has there start finish on a srt8 bit of the track, going on this footage , the truck would beat that pos to the first corner.
    then probably to every other corner , he wouldnt overtake the truck in the corners because he would be like most Ferrari ownrs , to much of a coward cos he might dent it, so the truck would win

  5. Joe

    Truck tires are NOT rated for that kind of speed or rate of acceleration….. he’s lucky he didn’t have all 4 blow out on him. Not to mention, unless he had the transmission and rear end beefed up they are not engineered for that kind of speed from the factory either. Then you add brakes that are insufficient for that speed, steering box and suspension, and the fact it’s a freaking truck!!! Anyone who does that to a truck and thinks it’s going to be fine is stupid and crazy.

  6. art

    I guess the Ferrari owner brought a ‘knife’ to a gunfight…I never ..ever..had any interest in foreign built exotics, which cost a ton of money, and upkeep..Give me a good old North American made domestic, which has been hot rodded…For the money that was spent to acquire the Ferrari, you could build a world killer GMC pickup. Ferrarari owners are choosing ‘style over substance’ …imo

    1. Johnny

      Right you are Art… We are on the same side my friend 🙂 Stay tuned for more epic videos with muscle cars brands!

  7. Hookem

    I like how all you haters are making excuses for the Ferrari. It was a fair race. The truck won. Wasnt even close. End of story. Brakes, tires, going home to a mansion, wouldnt win on a real track…all yalls excuses are garbage just like that ferrari. A freakin gmc truck…..hahaha. Go to bed haters!

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