Ultimate Drag Racing: C6 Z 06 Vs GTR Vs GT500 Vs Twin Turbo Z 06!

Rare are the opportunities to see video of ultimate drag racing with more than just standard two participants. This time we have something really joyful to show you – an ultimate technology comparison between three variants of the icon of the American cars, Corvette and the legendary, all American pony car, the Ford Mustang GT500!

Shot from several different perspectives, this ultimate drag racing video bring us closer to the real feeling inside the cabin in one of these beastie beauties, the supercharged Corvette C6 Z 06, the GTR variant, the Twin Turbo Z06 and `Stang GT 500.

I`m sure that you will agree with me when I say that these cars are the best representatives of the American muscle and sports cars, true opponents of the European and Japanese sports cars. And by placing them in the same drag race and testing them which one of these variants is the best at a certain given moment, is the right thing to do.

Each race is tight and very close, so we would not be spoilers and tell you who is the ultimate winner, or interfere with your taste, which one is the favorite. Just enjoy the video.

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Enjoy the video below!

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